I'm Carly Schonberg,

nice to
meet you!

I'm a veteran full stack product designer based in New York. I specialize in managing design systems, with particular expertise in product design for climate change mitigation and resilience.

What the heck is a full stack designer? Here's an infographic:

What I do best

Problem solving is my greatest strength.

What gets me the most excited is creating innovative and thoughtful products and experiences. I love the rush of transforming a complex challenge into a beautiful solution.

I'm especially passionate about ethical design.

I prefer to work with organizations who are striving to bring sustainable practices to their design processes, and who seriously consider the well-being of the humans who use their products.

Connect with me on LinkedIn and ask me about being a climate designer.

Off the clock

You'll catch me visiting museums, devouring library books, cooking extravagant meals, studying languages, walking in the woods, or blogging, podcasting, and translating articles about my favorite type of niche theater, Japan's Takarazuka Revue (when I'm not across the globe indulging in a live show).